Economic Growth Under Each President

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Anderson recently released gdp figures for the second quarter of 2016 invite the question of how the gross domestic product has fared under each of the dozen post world war ii presidents a period spanning 70 years.

Economic growth under each president. Economic growth by president jeffrey h. That made him the fourth largest job creator in sheer numbers. Ford suffered from stagflation caused by president nixon while obama struggled with the financial crisis created under president bush s term.

After two decades of growth under kennedy eisenhower and johnson the economy slid into a decade of the doldrums under nixon ford and carter. Economy fell into another recession in 1990 a month before iraq s invasion of kuwait. Gdp growth by president here is a more detailed look at each president s economic record with summaries of their reactions to the recessions wars and other events they encountered.

He claims to have generated historic economic growth record low unemployment and lifted millions of. The continued strength of the economy under president trump at least until the pandemic. The roaring 1990s were very kind.

President donald trump has repeatedly pointed to the nation s steady economic health as the strongest indicator of his success throughout his time in the white house calling it terrific and. Trump has not been able to top that yet but experts say job growth remains surprisingly. Oil prices skyrocketed causing markets to tumble.

Library of congress president roosevelt increased jobs by 21 5 the largest percent increase of all presidents he added 9 5 million workers to the 38 9 million who were working at the start of his term. Gdp is the most comprehensive economic scorecard and something presidents especially trump use as an example of success. Average economic growth under president trump has outpaced the growth under barack obama but not all of his recent predecessors.

Under president bush the 41st president the u s. Economy typically added more than 250 000 jobs each month in 2014 and 227 000 a month in 2015.

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